WYSL Futsal Rules

Played under US Soccer Federation Futsal Laws of the Game with following highlights and variation:


5 players

Unlimited "flying" substitutions

Kick-ins (instead of throw-ins)

Main referee and (U13 and older) assistant referee with nearly identical responsibility

Clock operated by timekeeper

2 22-minute halves (running time)

No deliberate heading U12 divisions and younger; no player under 11 should head ball regardless

Goal clearance (goalkeeper throw)

No shoulder charges or sliding tackles

4-second rule on restarts

#4 size futsal ball (with reduced bounce)

5-foul limit (and "no-wall" free kick)

No offside rule applies

Goal Keeper cannot touch by hand *any* ball played back to him (inc. head and chest)

Back pass allowed to Goal Keeper only after ball has crossed halfway-line or been touched by an opponent

Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes has elapsed or opponent has scored

Corner kick placed on corner


CLICK HERE for the US Soccer Federation’s Futsal Laws of the Game. 

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