Rules of Play


FIFA Rules. All games will be played under the FIFA Laws of the Game except as modified for the Cup.


Birth Yr    Div         Time     Ball  #players   #dressed  Field Size       Goal size   Min   #players

2007/06   U11,12  2x30 min    4     9v9    18     45/55 x 70/80             Min: 6.5x12               6

           Max: 7x21*      

2005/04   U13, 14 2x35 min    5   11v11  18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7

2003/02   U15, 16  2x40 min  5   11v11   18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7

2001/00   U17        2x45 min  5   11v11   18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7

1999  U17,U18-19 2x45 min  5   11v11   18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7


Halftimes will be 10 minutes for all age groups.


The home team will provide a minimum of 2 properly inflated game balls.


Both goals must be the same size. All goals must be secured.


The minimum number of players is required for a scheduled match to start or to continue.


No overtime in group play.  Overtime in playoff games (see Playoffs below).


A team may make an unlimited number of substitutions during a game, upon any stoppage of play, with permission of and at the discretion of the referee. Players may enter, exit and reenter.


Heading. Heading is prohibited in the fall for u12 and younger players and for u11 and younger in the spring.  Sanction: an indirect free kick (IFK) awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs in the goal area, the indirect free kick (IFK) is taken on the edge of the goal area parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.

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