Playoff Stage

Seeding the Playoff Ladder. Group winners will be seeded into the playoff groups and will not play each other in the first round. “Best 2nd“ teams will be seeded into the playoff ladder. Teams from the same initial group play will not play in round 1 but may do so in later rounds.


Home Team. The home team in a playoff game will be the higher finishing team unless only one of the two teams in the match was home in the prior round. In that case, that team will be the away team.


Overtime. If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will play two full overtime periods (no golden goal) with a 5 minute break before the overtime begins and no break (teams change ends) between the overtime periods.  


U11, 12: 2 x 5 minutes. U13+: 2 x 10 minutes. If the match remains tied after overtime, then FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark will determine the winner.


Incomplete Game. If a playoff game is incomplete, the Cup will decide whether to complete the game, adjudicate a winner, or replay the game in its entirety.  


Team Drop Out. If a team is dropped or withdraws from the playoffs stage: the Cup will decide whether to replace the team in the competition or award forfeits.


Team Advancement. Teams that qualify for and do not attend the US Club Regionals or Finals will be fined and may be liable for sanctions from the Cup including in future cup competitions.

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