Frequently Asked Questions
Program Overview


1.  What is the WYSL Select Program?
The WYSL Select Program offers a unique opportunity for talented and committed players within the WYSL to come together on one county wide training group and tournament team. WYSL Select is not meant to replace your WYSL club team.  It is a supplemental training program meant to provide aspiring players an additional opportunity to improve and compete at a higher level of play while remaining on their current club team. The Select Program has a policy of honoring WYSL club team rosters and has a zero tolerance policy concerning player poaching. As with all League officials, all members of the Select Program staff are strictly prohibited from inducing a player registered to a League team to leave his or her team and transfer to and play with another WYSL club team.
Any Select official found to be poaching will be severely disciplined and subject to immediate removal from the Select Program.
The Select Program is a two-tiered program with Developmental and Tournament level groups.
U7, U8, U9 and U10 players are considered developmental levels and do not participate in summer tournaments. Developmental training stress small-sided games to promote ball skill and control under the guidelines of US Youth Soccer player development system.The goal is to provide a “pressure-free”, higher level of training not generally available to players of this age at the local WYSL club team level. This program culminates with an intra--league round robin-like scrimmage (or a similar type of event) at the end of June. No tryouts are required to join our developmental program Registration opens on September 1st on a first come first serve basis. A maximum player pool of 40 players per gender, per age bracket will be accepted into this program.
Practice sessions are on Monday evenings beginning Monday, September 23rd and are scheduled from 6:00 to 7:00 PM for Boys teams at Tibbetts Park and Girls teams from 5:30 - 6:30 at Saxon Woods and continue until Monday, November 18th weather permitting.
(check with your Team Manager once teams are formed to confirm exact times and locations)
Monday evening spring training will resume March 10th. When grass fields are available the developmental team practices will move to White Plains HS fields. The season will end with an intra-league scrimmage type event. 
Tournament Teams:
For U11, U12, U13, U14, and HS Players a tournament level team will be formed in the spring. Team formation is dependent upon turnout numbers and some teams age brackets in the older divisions may be combined to form multi-year teams. The program for these teams encompasses a 6-month season, commencing with tryouts on Monday evening September 9th. Once a week Monday’s training sessions will begin September 23rd and continue until Monday, November 18th (weather permitting). Normally practice times for this group ranges from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (check with your Team Manager for exact times and locations once teams have been formed) Monday evening training resumes in the spring commencing March 10th (pending field availability) and ending on Monday, July 7th.  These teams culminate the season will 3 regional high-level tournaments in June and July. Traditionally during the last weekend in June, second and third/fourth weekends in July. The program ends for this group upon the completion of the last tournament in July. 
2. What age team do I tryout for? 
Tournament Level Teams:                     
HS      Born 8/1/96 to 7/31/99
U14     Born 8/1/99 to 7/31/00
U13     Born 8/1/00 to 7/31/01                    
U12     Born 8/1/01 to 7/31/02                    
U11     Born 8/1/02 to 7/31/03   
Developmental Level Teams:
U10     Born 8/1/03 to 7/31/04                  
U 9      Born 8/1/04 to 7/31/05
U 8      Born 8/1/05 to 7/31/06
U 7      Born 8/1/06 to 7/31/07
Please Note:

All players must tryout in their correct age brackets. Players are not allowed to register up with Select no matter what age bracket team they may play on with their club team. We have found it is much better for the proper long term advance of the player that he/she plays within the correct age bracket. The coaching staff, however, is constantly evaluating player skill on the field during the season and may ask an extraordinarily talented player to "guest play" with an older team if they feel the player’s personal competitive skill level warrents this exposue.


3. Who is eligible for WYSL Select?   

 All age appropriate WYSL registered boys and girls are eligible for tryouts. Rostering with a team outside of the WYSL will not exclude a player from WYSL Select participation / registration.  


4.  State ODP / WYSL Select Program Dual Registration:

Players (if so chosen) may roster with both the State ODP and the WYSL Select Program. State ODP events take precedent

over WYSL Select events. Since the Select Program begins earlier and ends later, the dual ODP / WYSL Select register players will be free to attend the fall, early spring and summer Select tournament schedule. Normally the WYSL Select Program begins before State ODP rosters are finalized, potential State ODP players will register for the Select Program and pay the full $550.00 registration fee. If the player is indeed selected and rosters on a State ODP team he/she is to notify the team manager of such and will receive a 1/2 refund ($275.00) off their Select registration fee.  

All State ODP program fees are in additional to the discounted WYSL Select fee.


5. When are the tryouts?

Tryouts will start on Monday September 9th for U11 to U14 teams and November 11th for HS players.  Notices of the try out times and dates for the boys and girls U11 - HS groups will be posted on this web site and e-mailed directly to all age appropriate players from the fall WYSL rosters. Please click on WYSL Select Program” on the select home page for the complete tryout listing.
Players will be asked to register online (see section below) for the tryouts and must bring a printed copy of their confirmation email or online receipt to the tryout.  There is a $25.00 tryout fee. (Fee includes a numbered tryout tee shirt).

New teams are formed each year and all returning tournament player teams must tryout each season. Due to the competitive nature of the tryout process, there will be no make-ups allowed for a player who misses his or her initial tryout.
Exceptions will be made in cases of player injury or other conflicts with the program director’s prior approval.
There may be multiple "call back’ tryout rounds depending upon the needs of each particular team. All callbacks are by invitation only.
The U7 to U10 Developmental players are not required to try out. All committed players are accepted into the program. Due to field constraints, the Developmental teams will be limited to the first 40 players who register. Registration will open September 1st. Please do not delay. Once the target number has been reached subsequent players will be wait listed.
6. What is the cost?
Select Tournament Team Registration Fee:
The fee per player is $550.00 for U11 to HS teams. This fee includes all players cost for uniforms, coaching, equipment, facilities and tournament registration. Players / Families are responsible for accommadations and related travel expenses going to and from the summer tournaments. 

Developmental Team registration Fee:
The fee for the U7, U8, U9 and U10 Developmental teams will be $425.00. 
Registration is currently opened on-line. (See below for registration instructions).  Once registered, you will be contacted with information about the next step in the program.  Please follow the registration instructions on the WYSL Select Program home page link.
Players with Financial Hardship:
The Select Program operates primarily on funds generated through these player registration fees. However, it is the policy of the WYSL that no player will be prohibited from joining the Select Program due to financial need. It is required that a player requesting a scholarship participates in our fund raising program and raise 1/2 the registration fee through our fund raising events in order to participate in the Select Program. Please contact Select Committee member Sam Arnoff at: arnoff_s@hotmail.com, for further information on our Partial Scholarships Program.
7. Can I register on-line?
Developmental Teams will accept all committed players (maximum of a 40 player pool, per gender). A direct mailing and an email announcing the opening of the registration period will be sent to all eligible WYSL players.Registration will open September 1st. Please do not delay space is limited.


Select Tournament Level Teams: Online registration takes place in two stages: 

Step 1: Players register on line for the tryouts, as noted above.
Step 2: Then, those players invited to join the teams will be instructed how to register for their team.
Tryout registration will be activated by August 19th. You are asked to bring a printed copy of your confirmation email or your online receipt to the tryout. Once the tryout process has been completed and a player has been offered a position on the team, the players will then re-visit the same system to register into the Select Program.
8. Are there refunds?
Due to the up front cost related to securing training facilities, coaching, tournaments, uniforms etc., once a player has completed registration, no refunds will be issued. Exceptions will be made in cases of player injury where documentation is provided from treating physician prohibiting participation in soccer related activities. $30.00 processing fee will be applied.
ALL PARENTS WILL BE ASKED TO ACKNOWLEDGE, with their on-line signature,
9. What is the commitment?
Because of the demanding practice and summer tournament schedule of the WYSL League and Select Program, a strong commitment is needed from all players and their families. Attendance at all Monday evening Select practices during the spring is mandatory unless given a Permitted Absence (see section 11 below). You are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled practice time to warm-up and check in.
Attendance at all summer tournaments (when selected) is mandatory unless a player chooses to be designated a “Practice Only Player” at the tryouts, thereby excusing him or her from the tournament portion of the program (see section below).

Failure to attend a summer tournament once rostered is grounds for disciplinary action, which may include suspension, removal from the program and/or barred from future Select activities.
Disciplinary decisions will be made in the best judgment of the Select Committee.
10. What is the attendance policy?
Monday evenings are traditionally reserved for Select Program practices and WYSL member clubs are strongly advised not to schedule club team practice on Monday evenings.  Practices attendance is taken at each session. If a player is sick or injured, a phone call to the player’s Team Manager or designated contact is required to obtain a permitted absence from a practice. A maximum of two permitted practice absences will be given. If there is a conflict with a players HS game that player is also to contact their team manger to obtain a permitted absence and marked accordingly on their attendance record.
A poor record attendances will impact tournament rosters and subject the player to disqualification from participating in Select the following season.
11. What is the expected player / parent conduct?
Players and parents are to be held to the highest standards of conduct both on and off the field. They will be required to sign and accept a "Select Conduct Contract" outlining appropriate behavior and commitments expected of a WYSL Select player and parent. This will include a “no poaching” commitment. As members of the WYSL Select Program, parents are encouraged to attend all events to cheer and support their children, in the appropriate manor. Disruptive and or confrontational behavior will not be tolerated.
12. Are there additional Select run camps and training?
Spring Camp:

During the Westchester County’s public school spring break  April 14 - 18, 2014, the Select program will run a Spring Break Camp. The cost is $295.00 per player; Select Camp notices will be emailed to all registered Select players in early January ages 7-13. The Camp Registration will be available online on or about February 1st. Space has traditionally been sold out for this camp each year, so please register as soon as possible.
Summer 3 Day Mini- Camps:

A summer mini-camp will be held on the evenings of June 24, 25, and 26, 2014 from 6:00 - 8:00PM at Tibbetts Park in Yonkers.
The cost is $95.00 per session. This mini-camp is geared for the developmental players. Announcements will be first emailed to registered select players in the April and then to the full league if space remains available. Registration will be available online on.
Space will be limited to the first 100 players who register.

13. What are the initial roster sizes of the select teams and roster sizes for each tournament?
Select Tournament Level Teams:  Once tryouts have been completed the expected roster size for each Select Tournament Level Team will be approximately 30 field players plus 2 goalkeepers. We know that sounds like large initial roster but experience has shown that tournament availability is restricted due to prior family commitments and "practice only player" designations. Of the 30 plus total players per team, each coach will determine an 18-player roster for each tournament. The summer regional tournament rosters will be announced in early May.
Every player U11- HS will be rostered for at least one summer tournament.   
Developmental Teams: These teams will pool up to 40 players on a first come first serve basis.
14. What is the policy on playing time and player positioning?
The WYSL Board and Select Committee encourage each coach to do his/her best to give each player an opportunity to play at least 10 minutes of every game the player is rostered. However, due to the highly competitive level of play the coaching staff is under no specific "minimum player minute rule" per game. The playing time of each player, or play in any particular position on the field, is at the discretion of the coach and is based upon his/her judgment of the player’s attitude, attendance, skill level, desire, practice and game performance, and who he feels would best advance the team effort at a particular time in the match. No player is therefore guaranteed to play a set minimum number of playing minutes per game, or play in any particular position on the field. This is not applicable for the Developmental team players.
15. What is the policy on a player’ s tournament participation?
Each Select Team Players will be guaranteed participation in at least one of the three summer regional tournaments, to be determined at the Coach’s discretion.  
16. Are "Guest Players" permitted?
Only under a hardship case for a particular tournament, when a coach is faced with an incomplete roster, may he appeal to the Select Committee to allow an age appropriate player(s) to be added to his/hers team tournament roster as a "tournament guest player".
These players must be rostered within the WYSL on an active WYSL club team.
18. What are "Practice Only" players?
Being designated a "Practice Only Player,” a player will have the opportunity of joining the program and participating in the fall and spring Monday evening practices.  These players have elected not to participate on the summer tournament portion of the Select schedule. 
A player at the Select tryouts is to inform the coaching staff that he or she is electing to tryout as a  "Practice Only Player" on the team.  Teams are limited to a maximum of 3 "practice only players" per team. All fees and other program requirements are exactly the same as a regular registered select player.
19. Who Are The Coaches?
We are extremely proud of our coaching staff, they are very talented and seasoned group of dedicated individuals. Our coaches are nationally and state licensed coaches from various soccer-governing bodies throughout the world.  Our staff includes college coaches, present and former State Olympic Development Program coaches, several high school varsity coaches, as well as many past and present professional and national team players.  We are dedicated to ensuring our staff embodies the highest level of soccer standards and provide the optimal environment to instruct and promote the development of all players in our program.
The following is a brief bio on our current WYSL Select coaching staff:
Coaching Staff

Coach Ernest Harmon comes to the Westchester area after coaching for many years in the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL). Coach Harmon is currently head coach of a premiere girls soccer team.  He is varsity head coach at Irvington High School in Irvington, NY.  He is a former Division 1 player at St. Francis College and played professionally for the New York Arrows in the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL). In addition, he played for his country on the Liberian National Team. Education includes a BS in Business Management as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Coach Harmon participated in the U S Soccer Inaugural International Coaching Exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he and other coaches from throughout the USA had the opportunity to participate in lectures, discussions and training sessions with members of coaching staffs from the premier professional clubs of Argentina including: Boca Juniors, Estudiantes, Argentinos Juniors along with many coaches from the Argentine Youth National teams. Highlighting of this experience was his particapation in a presentation by coaching directors of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and, of course, setting aside some time to attend two professional matches (Boca Juniors vs Argentinos Juniors) and (San Lorenzo vs Banfield) before he returned home to the US.

Coaching Credentials: US Soccer - National Youth Coaching License, USSF "B" National License, NSCAA -National Goal keeping License, NSCAA - Director of Coaching Diploma

Sal Menjivar is currently a travel coach with the Eastchester Youth Soccer Association and the Riverdale Soccer Club. In addition, he has worked in a variety of coaching roles including assistant director of the Future Stars Camp and the Co-Commissioner and Coaching Director of the Eastchester Youth Soccer Association. Coach Menjivar’s playing experience includes John Bowne High School, Flushing Pan-American League, New York Banking Soccer League and the Cosmopolitan League.
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "C" National, and NSCAA Regional Goalkeeping Diploma. 
Carlos Forero played soccer for John Bowne High School (captain 2 years) Blau-Weiss Gottschee Soccer Club in the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League and in college at St. John’s University. He had the opportunity the learn from Ramon Diaz (coach of the River Plate, Argentina) and has also worked in various capacities with professional soccer players and coaches such as: Luis Fernando Herrera (Colombian National Team), Juan Carlos Osorio (Red Bull Soccer coach), Neil Gilbert (MISL professional soccer player), Dave Masur (Head Coach of St. Johns University) and John Diffley (former US National team player). 
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "C" License. 
Alex Torres is the Head Coach of Eastern FC Rush and Eastern FC Warriors.  He was previously the Head Coach for the Men’s Varsity Soccer at Briarcliff High School as well as a coach with the White Plains Elite Premier Soccer Team.   He has also coached Varsity/Junior Varsity teams in both White Plains and Mamaroneck. Coach Torres played varsity soccer at White Plains High School and with the FC Westchester Soccer Club. 
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "C" License and a NCSAA Regional Goalkeeping Diploma. 
Marco Ferreira is a Head for the Greenburg Soccer Club in Westchester.  He was previously the first assistant for the Mercy College Women’s Soccer team, Assistant Head Coach at both Holy Child School and New Rochelle High School in addition to coaching various teams throughout Westchester County.  He was a four year starter as a defender at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.  He served as a team captain for 2 years leading the squad to a pair of Hudson Valley finals.  He is a 2009 graduate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, earned a bachelor’s of science in Business Adminstration with a concentration in Finance.
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "C" License.

Neri Amaducci currently coaches several Manhattan based WYSL teams in Premier, Division I and Division II. His previous coaching experiences include assistant coach Beloit College, the Collegiate School (high School) and the Riverdale Country School. He attended the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn where he played varsity soccer and was captain for two years. His team took home two Independent League Championships and placed second twice. Coach Amaducci played Division III soccer for Beloit College in Wisconsin-- the team won the Mid West Conference twice during that time. He played semi-professionally in Italy for Borgo a Mozzano.
Coaching Credentials: USSF "C" License and NSCAA National Coaching Diploma.
Massimo Gargiulo is a Head Coach with the FC Westchester Club. He played four years of Intercollegiate NCAA Division I Soccer (Team Captain - St. Francis College) as well as semi-professional soccer in Italy and in the United States for AC Positano and Brooklyn Falcons, among others. Coach Gargiulo holds the following educational degrees: M.S. Athletic Administration and Supervision; B.S. Physical Education.
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "B" License.
Jenna Dallinga   currently coaches several teams within the Westchester Area.  She has a background in sports/medical massage therapy.  This provides her extensive understanding of injury prevention allowing her to teach proper techniques to avoid injuries.  She continues to play non competitively in 4 leagues throughout Westchester/Putnam and Dutchess Counties. 
Coaching Credentials: USSF "D" National License.
Bruno Janeiro is currently a Head Coach of the New York Soccer Club.  His coaching career began right after college where he continues to coach and train various club teams, camps, soccer programs and clinics.  From 2005-2009 he was the head Assistant Coach at Purchase College (NCAA-D3) assisting the team to reaching conference playoffs.  He attended Southern Connecticut State University and Iona College.  He possesses a masters degres in physical education and sports pedagogy from Manhattanville College.
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "C" License.
Almar Pali is currently the Head Junior Varsity Coach at Keio Academy in Purchase, NY in addition to being Head Coach for a Division 1 Boys High School team in Westchester.  He began his professional playing career at the age of 17 with the Grand Rapids Explosion in Michigan in the United States Interregional Regional Soccer League (USISL).  This program gave him the exposure and training experience of top level youth pro clubs.  He is a former Division II player at Dominican College and an All-American.  He is actively playing with several adult teams in the Westchester Area.  His education includes an AS in Computer Information Systems as well as a BS in Spanish and Italian.
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "D", License.
Bekir Helvacioglu played soccer at the collegiate level for

the University Dokuz Eylul,Turkey and at the professional level for Aydin Spor, Turkey. While recuperating from a serious injury, he pursued various coaching licenses and referee instruction. He is currently playing with the Shamrocks in the Cosmopolitan League, NY. He has an undergraduate diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management and he is pursuing a Master’s Degree at NYIT and was previously junior varsity coach for Holy Child HS.

Coaching Credentials: USSF National "B" License.  
Vincent Kwarula is currently the Varsity Coach for Rippowam Cisqua School, Bedford, NY and was previously Assistant Coach for the Men’s Soccer Team at SUNY Purchase College in Purchase, NY.  His accomplishments and playing experience include NCAA Division II First Team All American (Southern CT State University), NAIA All America First Team ( Lindsey, Wilson College, KY), as well as playing two years for the Kenyan National Team during which he earned over 90 caps and served as team captain for a year.  Coach Kwarula has worked with various teams throughout Westchester and Connecticut. 
Coaching Credentials: USSF National "B" License. 
Goalkeeping Coach:
Guillermo “Memo” Valencia is currently an Assistant Goal Keeper Coach/Trainer for the US National Mens Team.  He also coaches at Iona College and NYU. He runs goalkeeping clinics and coaches throughout the New York and Connecticut area for various schools and clubs including Columbia University, Riverdale High School, Larchmont Soccer, Greenwich High School, Manhattan Soccer Club, and White Plains Soccer among others. Coach Valencia has played on many professional and minor league soccer teams including the L.I. Riders, Westchester Flames, Potros Martes, the America Pumas, Deportivo Pereira (Columbia- League Champions).
Coaching Credentials: USSF "A" License and a USSF National Goalkeeper Diploma.  

20. Is there a time when I can meet the WYSL staff and coaches?
Once chosen for a Select Team, the player’s parent/guardian is required to attend a mandatory “ Parent Meeting" to review the Program. This will be an opportunity to ask questions and meet the other parents, Coach, Manager and Program Administrators.
The date for this meeting is in February at the Westchester County Center, details to follow.  

21.Who do I ask about any questions I may have about the Select Program?

Your Team Manager is a vital part of the program and will serve as your liaison with the Select Program coaches and staff. For the timeliest response to all your questions concerning issues as weather cancellations, scheduling, absences, injuries, registration inquiries, etc., it is best to address these via email with your Team Manager.
once teams have been formed please contact the appropriate Team Manager as listed below:
GIRLS TEAMS:  Loretta Sanin: girlswyslselect@optimum.net
BOYS TEAMS:  Marietta DiDonato: didonatosoccer@gmail.com 

Once teams have been formed team managers will also be accessible by cell phone in cases of emergency.
Please Note:
Parents are not to approach a Coach directly on or off the field with any soccer-related player issue. This is true before, during or after a training session, scrimmages, or tournament games. Coaches have been instructed not to discuss directly with parents any soccer training or playing questions or issue. Parents are to address their player concerns first to their Team Manager. In the event the Team Manager cannot answer their question or resolve an issue, parents should direct their concern to the appropriate Coaching Director. If the issue is still un-resolved it should be brought to the attention of the Select Program Director (Ernest Harmon). Experience has shown that the most efficient process regarding any WYSL Select player issue. Please to adhere to this specific channel of communications.
22. How the Program is administered?
The WYSL Select Committee administers the Select Program. The Select Committee is comprised of WYSL Board members appointed each season by the President of WYSL (Julian DiDonato) The WYSL Board of members, under the direction of the WYSL League President, approves all Program Policy.


The 2013-2014 WYSL Select Program Committee consists of:

Board Member / Liason:  Samuel Arnoff 

Select Team Manager:
GIRLS TEAMS:  Loretta Sanin: girlswyslselect@optimum.net
BOYS TEAMS:  Marietta DiDonato: didonatosoccer@gmail.com
23. What are the important dates to remember for 2013-2014
Tryouts: Monday evenings, starting September 9th U11- U14, November 11th for high school players
Fall Practices Session: October - November, weather permitting
Parents Orientation Meeting: Saturday:  February, 2014.  Date and Place to be determined
Spring Practices to begin: Monday March 10, 2014                                         
Spring Break Camp: April 14 - 18, Public School Spring Break
Summer 3 Day Mini-Camp: June 24 - 26, 2014 evenings 6:00 - 8:00 PM Tibbetts Park Yonkers
Summer Tournaments:
U11 - U14,  June 28 - 29, 2014 - Empire Cup - (sleep over) Albany, NY 
High School Only - June 28 - 29, 2014 - Mad Dog Mania, (sleep over) Saratoga Springs, NY
U11 - High School - July 12 - 13, 2014 - Seaside Classic, (sleep over) Rhode Island 
U11 - 14,  July 19 - 20, 2014 - Hudson Invitational Tournament, LaGrangeville, NY
For more information or questions regarding the WYSL Select Program, you may also email: ernestharmon@aol.com    




All players must tryout for their appropriate age bracket team. There are no exceptions.


Teams are formed by school grade cut-off dates according to the following schedule for 2013-2014 seasonal year: